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Firstly, for those who don’t know, who is Aisha? 

Wow, where to start here. It’s never easy to take a mirror to your life and explain who you are as a person but here goes…I was born in Mt Maunganui, New Zealand I’m 25 years old currently living in LA. I moved out here a few months ago from Sydney to work here as a model for commercials and social media,  I also own my own clothing brand that is made in Bali and based in Melbourne. Trying to soak up every life experience is usually what takes me tick, I love to have a dream and try to achieve it.

The path you’re on now, has this always been the plan or is this Plan Be (or maybe z)?

I think where I am now in my life was always a WILD dream of mine, I just never knew exactly how I would get there. I’ve taken many turns and unexpected journeys to get here but I wouldn’t change a thing. Ultimately I never tend to overthink things…If it feels right in the pit of my stomach –  I do it!

What advice would you give your younger self?

Trust your inner voice, it knows where its going even when you may not.


Is there something you wish people knew about you?

I’m actually a pretty private person which people may not know as a lot of my life is displayed on social media. I tend to struggle with giving all of me to my followers as it doesn’t come naturally.

With such a large following on social media, do you find it easy to get consumed by it all? How do you avoid this and remain true to yourself?

I touched on it a little above but I try keep parts of my life just for me and my closest. It makes me feel true to who I am as a person – It has been hard to remain that way with social media wanting SO much of you these days but its been an important part of my journey to remain that way.

What is something you strongly believe in and/or wish others strongly believed in?

Learn through love not fear!

What’s next for Aisha?

Who know’s really, I’m out here in LA for the next few years at least so ANYTHING could happen. The plan is to keep working on my business, embrace every opportunity, learn through love, keep a good head on my shoulders and stay true to me.


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