#cookingwithjess. It’s a thing.


If you follow me on Instagram you may be familiar with #cookingwithjess. It started with me sharing my love for cooking in a seemingly joking way but the response I’ve been getting is amazing. Apparently I’m not the only one who wants simple, healthy meals that taste…well… YUM!

HELLO #cookingwithjess.

I’d like to make a disclaimer right now: I’m not a chef or qualified nutritionist.

But I have a passion for cooking healthy foods, making it simple and learning what foods help fuel & nourish my body. I’ve struggled for years off & on with gut and hormone issues that have effected me massively, as well as ongoing side effects of the millions of toxins & trauma my body recieved as a kid. Healthy, whole foods has been a way for me to help manage & heal these. Everything I share are just from my own experiences, things I’ve found work for me. It doesn’t always mean it’ll work for you but who knows, you may learn a thing or two along the way or at the very least find new ways to spruce up your food.

Above is one of my absolute Go-To’s (which you may be sick of seeing if you watch my insta-stories) is the below Breakie Bowl. It’s the perfect way to start the day packed with protein, healthy fats, fermented goodness (to look after that gut) + it’s packed with flavour.


I NEVER used to be able to boil an egg to perfection. It’d either be a sloppy mess or rock hard. I learnt the best way to do it:

1. Place eggs in pot
2. Add water
3. Bring to the boil
4. Remove from heat once water is boiling
5. Leave for 10 minutes (this is when I prep the rest of my meal)
6. Peel & HELLO perfect eggs.

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