Firstly, for those who don’t know, who is Kirsty Godso? What do you do? Where do you live? What makes you tick?

I’m a fitness fanatic, crazy cat enthusiast, avocado obsessor and podcast preacher! Oh but seriously? Well all of that but also by day a Nike Master Trainer, head trainer at Equinox’s new fitness lab in New York,  wellness consultant, and founder of both PYROGIRLS and Made Of, a premium whey protein isolate powder launching in early 2018. I live in New York City but am a proud New Zealander.

You are someone who knows what it means to be constantly pushing your limits, have you always been like this? What has driven this passion?

I think it was embedded in me from a young age, I was always competitive in sport and wanted to do well in academics. But I was always more concerned with outperforming myself. I think being able to focus on my own journey and what I’m doing rather than comparing myself to others has helped me to continuously push my limits and fire all my focus in taking those ceilings of what’s possible higher and higher.

I’m very disciplined. Sometimes annoyingly so. But mostly it works in my favour. I truly credit my parents for this behaviour. I grew up watching their utmost commitment to golf, with my mum being a golf professional and my dad a top amateur golfer also. I think discipline is such a key part of my story. I can focus sharply on what I want and haze out the distractions that will slow me from getting there. I’ve always just been curious of what’s possible and that’s what daily keeps me chasing a little bit more and flying out of bed when my alarm goes off at 5am daily!

The path you’re on now, has this always been the plan or is this Plan Be (or maybe z)?

Haha this was definitely a Plan Be! But wow am I grateful for it. After high school I graduated from Auckland University with a Bachelor of Business with a double major in Finance and Marketing so you could say I’m a little off course!! I definitely apply what I learnt in my degree daily (the marketing much more so than the finance lol) however, you won’t find me tied to a desk.

I always knew I wanted to work for Nike from a very young age, I just never dreamed it would be in the capacity or role that I do. I’m so grateful for the journey I’ve been on with them, there truly is a swoosh on my soul.

What defines you?

My family, honesty, loyalty, true friends, sneakers, burpees!

What advice would you give your younger self?

I’d tell myself to worry less and trust more. I’m a true believer of ‘what you plug into will power you’. I think we could all benefit from trusting the process a little more and knowing that sometimes treading the unknown or less well paved path can lead you to places you never imagined. It’s okay to rewrite the script, learn from mistakes, and not always know exactly where you’re going. Be kind to people always, say thank you, recycle and please care for this universe in any way you possibly can.

Being someone who seems to be always on the go, how do you find time for yourself?  What helps you find balance?

I’ve recently finally found my yoga spot in NYC. Two of my good friends are the founders of Sky Ting Yoga which has incredible classes. I’ve always wanted to love yoga but it wasn’t natural for me. The community they’ve created is so magic it’s hard to explain. It definitely needs to go on everyone’s NYC hit list! I’ve been going to yoga 3-4x a week and noticing a huge difference with my sleep. New York is not exactly the easiest city to find balance so yoga combined with daily podcasts and audio books and a facetime with my family and cat Niko always help chill me out at the end of a long day.

What is something you strongly believe in and/or wish others strongly believed in?

At the moment I’m super passionate about trying to rewire some of our internal dialogue. I truly believe that complaining is a silent killer. We all need to be much more aware of the things that come out of our mouth. If we can stop those seeds from even being planted in our head, we have the ability to free our mind and energy from even engaging in unnecessary downward spiral conversation and not inflicting it on others. It can become a really bad habit and I’ve definitely been guilty of it also. It’s so important for us to be grateful for our bodies, our lives, our ability to get to wake up every day and do it again. I don’t mean it to sound corny but you truly always have the ability to change your thought pattern as quickly as you want to.

What’s next for Kirsty?

Right now I’m super excited to launch my protein powder Made Of in 2018. It’s something I’m so passionate about and truly just wanted to bring out a product that was honest, high performance, and approachable for both the fitness enthusiast and anyone that wants to care more about what they put in their body. Protein has been a complicated and to be honest, ugly, conversation for a long time and I hope to be able to change people’s relationship with it through this product.

PYROGIRLS is also something I’m hyped about. It started as a workout that my good friend Lauren Williams and I created but it’s really much more than that. Pyro is a state of being, a call to action. We want to encourage people – girls and boys, to go out there and get after what they want! It’s been really exciting to see how much traction we’ve had with it already and we can’t wait to drop our hotsauce burpees and merch down under in 2018! WE ABOUT TO GO PYRO! 

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