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Firstly, for those who don’t know, who is Sjana? What do you do? Where do you live? What makes you tick?

Sjana is a 22yr old sunshine seeking, happy being, hug giving, yoga doing, lifestyle and travel photojournalist from Newcastle Australia 🙂

The connection between the mind & body seems to be something you are hugely passionate about. Did this passion come about through a change in your life or something you’ve lived & breathed since you can remember? 

It was something I unknowingly lived when I was little… I think most kids do. That’s part of their natural beauty!

But when I got a little older (around 15yrs old) I lost touch with my soul and essence, I became depressed and wildly insecure and unsure about absolutely everything.

Overcoming this depression was what made me realise the true importance of a holistic approach to loving ourselves – body, mind AND soul! It sounds cliché, I know! But those four words possess so much more meaning now than they once did.

Your “#WrittenBySjana” captions are so beautiful & inspiring, how do you find sharing such personal thoughts with your 1million+ followers?

I find it liberating… Empowering!

Emotions and sensitivity aren’t weakness. That vulnerability is nothing but strength and courage. It is our RIGHT as humans to feel an array of emotions. Just as it is our RIGHT to express those emotions.

I enjoy writing, and I love being able to connect with others i that way.

Yeah, writing that stuff can be hard and uncomfortable as times, but I find it is often those same words that are capable of helping another soul to feel comfortable, supported, loved, or simply not alone. And if simple words have the power to connect people like that, then i’d be silly not to write them!

wherever I was, was exactly where I was supposed to be

What advice would you give your younger self?

Ooh, I wouldn’t give my younger self advice.. My younger self was awesome! She was wild, fun, care-free, fun-loving, smart, sensitive and kind. She was everything I strive to be now.

I would TAKE advice from my younger self – but I wouldn’t give it!

The path you’re on now, has this always been the plan or is this Plan Be (or maybe z)?

I never really had a plan A to be honest! I’ve always had a lot of faith in the Universe and believe that everything happens for a reason (to help us grow and strengthen, to let us gain new perspective or simply to challenge us), and that wherever I was, was exactly where I was supposed to be. I followed my cognition and my intuition and trusted that it would lead me where I was meant to go.

I have goals, and always have! But there never was an obvious “this is my path” moment. I just decided to ride the waves of life, and make the most of every opportunity!

I have this belief that hardship is a foundation for growth, what’s your thoughts on this?

Definitely! It’s all about perspective though.

One situation might make you feel hurt, disrespected, let down, used or abused. It might make you ask “why me?”. It might make you feel completely alone and entirely miserable.

But that very same situation also has the power to make you feel blessed, thankful and full of gratitude. It can make you say “thank you for this obstacle, because without it I wouldn’t have known I had the strength or determination to do what I have done”. It can bring you together and unite with others – to connect with a community or make friends that you otherwise may never have met.

It ALL depends on how you CHOOSE to see it.

Is it a burden? Or is it a blessing in disguise?

Can what has hurt you, also heal you?

Can this be the Universe teaching you a lesson? Or showing you that you are more capable than you thought? Is this not about you at all, and is what you’re going through actually just a way of you being able to help OTHERS?

What can you learn from the situation? How can you grow from it? How can you support others? How can you use your experience to make the world BETTER?

I firmly believe that our reality is a state of mind.

We cannot always control our circumstances but we can control our attitude.

What is something you strongly believe in and/or wish others strongly believed in? 


I think the least ANYBODY deserves is common courtesy and a smile.

And being nice to others really doesn’t take anything away from you, if anything it gives back four-fold!

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